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Meeting at 12 Noon for a BYO Lunch.
First of three game begins at 1:00pm.

Prizes awarded with a $5 entry fee.
New players welcome.

Starts 8th Apr 2016 until 25th Nov 2017
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Once again we honour the players who were really massive with their boules on the piste.

Those who featured during 2016 have been moved to the 2015-16 gallery here.
CPCI ends up Cup~less
By Sandra Brown

On Sunday, 25th February, 2017, our Club members travelled to Gisborne to defend the Jolly Roger trophy and flag which we held after beating Mt. Macedon Petanque Club in the 2016 annual club challenge on our pistes at Lynden Park.

Although still officially Summer the wind was very cold and biting all morning, with the temperature hovering around 11C.  The sun emerged later and warmed us up a little.   Alas, not enough because we were not "on fire" and Mt. Macedon posted a handsome win.
Hostilities will be conducted on our home pistes when next we meet and we hope to put on a better showing.

We thank the Mt. Macedon Petanque Club for their warm hospitality and the great lunch they turned on.  Always a pleasure to visit them.

Prizes were awarded to Best Man and Lady on the day for both Clubs.  Sue Gray was our Best Lady and John Cook our Best Man (although it was announced as Ben Nicholson - another Academy Award moment).

Click here for the pictures.  ⛔
Then let's not forget the many willing hands that once again whisked away the dirty plates, glasses etc., washed and cleaned up after us all.  Without you, the evening would not be so enjoyable for all of us.  We are so lucky to have so many wonderful people within our membership who get involved without question so the workload is shared.  A big thank you from the Committee.
What a Great Night.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, I am sure your guests did!  
As always many, many thanks to everyone that participated in putting together the evening.  Special thanks go to Karen and John who manned the BBQ from 4 o'clock onwards.  Do you all realise that John and Karen cooked 60 pieces of chicken, fried the onions and cooked 80 half Kransy sausages.  That is one hell of a job.  You two are amazing and I hope you are putting your feet up today. 

For the food we also have to thank both the Sue's, Sue Gray and Sue Jenkins, and Helen Dubberley. Helen your suggestion to including Kransky's was a real hit.
Please don't forget that although this was intended to be the last Friday play for the summer, that we are playing on both Friday and Saturday next weekend.  A number of Boroondara Council employees were going to join us last night, but due to other commitments were unable.  They can join us next Friday (07/04/2017) and so we will play until the light fails and then dine on take away as usual - the menu will be decided by the Monkey.  Kevin and Peter have received a great deal of assistance from Council in getting the grant through, all the permissions for the shelter and possibly some ongoing work, so it would be great if as many people as possible could be at the Club to thank them and of course to show them the game of Petanque.   - Chris

View the pics of the event here.
2017 Saturday Winners
Camberwell performs well at The Big Dance

The 2017 Australian Petanque Championships were hosted by the Caulfield Petanque Club in what was billed as a "Festival of Petanque" over the Easter period, featuring Singles on Thursday, Doubles on Good Friday, Triples’ Qualifying on Saturday and Triples’ Finals on Sunday.   Congratulations to the Caulfield Club for successfully running the big event.

Camberwell members came away with quite a haul of medals.  Sandra Brown teamed with Tina Genovese (Weird Club) and Lisa Deramond (Caulfield Club) to win the Women’s Open Triples, so we have an Australian Champion at our Club.  The win was notable especially for the team over whom they won in the Final, three women in their 30’s and known collectively in the Petanque community as “The Serial Killers”.  The “SK” leapt out to a 5 nil lead but showing plenty of ticker, Sandra’s team gradually caught and slowly overhauled the “SK” to win 13/10.  A memorable win and, in all aspects of the phrase, a win for the ages.
Sandra, Tina & Lisa.
Caulfield Club streamed the Opening Ceremony and Finals Live on their Facebook page, in a first for petanque in Australia   Sandra watched the Triples’ Final a few days after the match on Facebook.  In the tense phases in the middle of the game she thought, “Mon Dieu, they are going to beat us”, but “Non” to her relief her team WON AGAIN!

Robert Baxter won the Complementaire division of the Men’s Over 60 Singles, after not playing petanque for two years.  Well done Robert.
Robert, Gloria, Sandra, Peter, Terry, Howard & Sue.
Joe Corcoran
Terry Dando
Andre Deramond
Umpires were Danny Green, Terry Dando and David Shaw who controlled the matches very well.   Andre Deramond was the Principal Tournament Director
across the whole four days, with Joe Corcoran, PFA President, acting as Tournament Director on Saturday and Sunday.   Joe Corcoran and Terry Dando did all the presentations of Medals and Trophies at the close of play on Sunday evening.

There was a great carnival atmosphere with players mingling and having fun (players came from WA, NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, NZ and  Mauritius).  Best Australian players were present and all competitions were of a high standard.  - Sandra
Here we must draw attention to
the huge input of our Clubman,
John Paul Ernst, who did all the
scoring and draws, both for
teams and piste allocation.  He
did this across the four days for
all the events, and divisions of
events, with the assistance of
Stephanie Browne from the NZ
Petanque Federation, who was
actually there to observe his handling of the task using the SPORT software distributed by PFA.
Sue Gray teamed with Victoria O’Connor and Pam Mezups (both from the Boule Artists, N.S.W.) to achieve second place in the Women’s Over 60’s Triples.  Well done Sue.

Gloria Wales and Terry Barter were 3rd in the Complementaire division of the Women’s Over 60’s Doubles.  Well done Gloria and Terry.

Howard Brown, Baard Solnordal and Peter Barker were First in the Complementaire division of the Men’s Over 60’s Triples.  Well done fellas.

For full results, click to view Singles or Doubles or Triples.
On the Friday he was handling a total of twelve separate Doubles’ Competitions which did not finish until 9.50 pm that night.  John Paul made a mammoth contribution to the running of the tournament.  He's the "best in the business" and is rightfully sought after for the big events and very generous in accepting such a  heavy workload.
Welcome and G’day Nicole, you’re a Real Aussie now!
Nicole Buffet has been granted
Australian Citizenship
at a
Ceremony where she declared her
allegiance to Australia by embracing
the Australia Citizenship Pledge.

From this time forward

I pledge my loyalty to Australia and its people
whose democratic beliefs I share,
whose rights and liberties I respect, and
whose laws I will uphold and obey.

During the Ceremony which was performed at the Wyndham Civic Centre, on Saturday, 27th May, 2017, two hundred new Australian Citizens were inducted.
In order to fulfil the requirement of permanent continuous residency in Australia, Nicole started the process last year by foregoing her annual trip back to her homeland, where she likes to enjoy some time during the Summer, she was then eligible to apply for Australian Citizenship.  After applying, she was given Practice Questions to study leading up to her Test.  The Citizenship Test consists of 20 questions drawn at random from a pool of questions.  She was elated to achieve a 100% Pass on her Test.

Her Husband, Antoine, has had his Australian Citizenship since March 2015.

Since 4 April, 2002, there are no restrictions (under Australian law) on Australians holding the citizenship of another country.  So, Nicole now has Dual Citizenship in Australia and France, which preserves all her Rights and Privileges in her homeland, France, as well as endowing her with those of her adopted country, Australia.

We all welcome her as a Citizen into our country and wish her much contentment and happiness.   - Sandra Brown
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