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Camberwell Petanque Club
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Secretary's Report 
April 2014 
By Sue Gray
Another Successful Event For Camberwell.
By John-Paul Ernst
rounds, all the teams went straight into it without as much as a whimper. I
remember having to look outside to ensure myself that the events had actually
started on time.

The number of qualifying games where the scores where 13/4 and lower, came
in at 36% for the men and 35.6% for the women.

On Sunday, to keep the Principale, Complémentaire, Consolante and Finals in
their respective areas, the pistes had been re-numbered accordingly. It was
either that or manually assign pistes. Sunday’s events came with a little twist,
only 8 teams were be allowed to progress to the Principale in 2 Poules and
there would be no play-off for third place in the Finals.
ith only a few days before the Australian International Doubles Open
Championships, the number of registered players came to 29 men’s and
17 women’s teams, 92 players in all. And here’s where they would come
  New South Wales
  South Australia
  Western Australia
For the Saturday, the
pistes were numbered to
keep the two qualifying
events apart and at the
same time give the
players an opportunity to
experience a variety of
surfaces. The format for
Saturday would be as
announced, five timed

When the time came to
begin the first qualifying

Weeks of preparation came to a close on the Friday before the Championships
and the weather forecast was in our favour for the entire weekend. All that
the Camberwell Petanque Club needed were for the competitors to arrive.
Once the Principale had
got under way, it was
time for the Consolante
events to begin.  All nine
remaining women’s teams
confirmed their
participation in this event,
with only 19 men’s teams
continuing on.

An additional feature to
the Consolante scoring
was the use of the
food to eat throughout the event and the licenced bar had been well utilized.

So a big cheer goes to all those who came in early for the work that needed
to be done before each day’s events, and to those who gave of their time to
keep the tournament and the Lynden Park facility going throughout the

As one observer put it: ’Congratulations to Camberwell for so successfully
running such fantastic competitions at their wonderful new venue.’

Go here for the pictures of the event, here for pictures of the winners
and here for the complete results.

Buchholz Number ranking method.

It’s a measure for the strength of the opponents: a high BHN indicates that
the entry has played against strong players.  When two or more entries have
the same number of matches won, the entry with the higher Buchholz number
is ahead in the ranking.
At the end of the day it was a
delight to have both Don Miller
(left) and Christian Draschler
(right), founding members of
CPC, to present the medals and
trophies to the respective
winner of each event. CPC
congratulates all the winners
and thanks everyone that

The catering ensured that there
was plenty of good healthy
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suppose it had to happen . . . . CPC has a
Facebook account and now a Twitter
Account as we
Camberwell Petanque Club
Goes Tweet, Tweet.
By John-Paul Ernst

It can be found using @CamPetClub whilst on
Twitter or using
your internet browser.
Onpisteup Undergoes A
By John-Paul Ernst
o as to enable there to be additional
information that will be useful to the

The changes effect only the drop-down menu
at the top of each page. You will find that
additional pages have been added while other
pages have been moved.
New Photos
Old Photos
About Us
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There are two new pages named Practical and
Viewpoint. On the Practical page there will be
information that further enhance our
understanding of the techniques and equipment
used, while on the Viewpoint page a better
understanding of some of the rules will be
It's Camberwell’s turn for a road trip to Avoca
for the annual Trusty Tape Challenge on 12th &
13th April where the Pyrenees Petanque Club
are hosting the event and stand ready to
defend their trophy. Camberwell has around 20
members heading off for a weekend of fun and
friendship but none the less they are full of
determination to win back possession of that
Trusty Tape for 2014.

CPC is holding an Open Fun Day on Sunday 4th
May, inviting local residents to come join us
and try their hand at playing petanque, the
idea being to have some fun and give it a go. 
Starting at 10.00 am and running through to
2.00 pm, there will be a free sausage sizzle and
live music.  We would like as many of you as
possible to come along to help welcome our
neighbours and to teach them how our game is
played.  Also, bring along any friends, children
or grandchildren that might like to have a go at
playing petanque.
ith the summer weather all but over
Autumn began at Camberwell Petanque 
Club with a very successful International
Doubles Tournament that went off without a
hitch, thanks to all those willing volunteers who
helped make the weekend so enjoyable.  I
thank you one and all for your tireless
contributions of time and effort.
Daylight savings is fast
drawing to a close which
means we will be changing
over to Saturday Social Play
on the 5th  April. Saturday's
format is the same as usual:
BYO lunch around 12:00
to 12:30 pm, play starting at 1:00 pm SHARP
with 3 timed 45-minute games and changing
partners after each game. There will be a $5
registration fee and wine prizes for the top
male and female players on the day.
You'll also notice that
both a Twitter and a
Facebook icon have
been placed on the
web site header. Be a

Why Twitter? Because one of the issues of
attracting younger players is communication.
So being able to instantly update them of
what's happening with game days (even
update player during tournaments) will
encourage more participation.
Victoria Petanque Club's Inc. has a very good
website that you can find it at www.petanque- with a comprehensive calendar
covering all tournaments throughout the state.
I encourage you to check it out if you haven’t
already" There is a link here in our website.

A YouTube link as also been added above with
a preset search for petanque videos.

Commitee Members should note that Google
Docs can be accessed via the Google Drive
icon next to the the Twitter icon. You will be
required to enter you username and password.
Camberwell By The Narrowest Of Margins.
By Sue Gray
he annual Jolly Roger Challenge took
place at Camberwell last Saturday 24th
Everyone's a winner, we all enjoyed a great day of pétanque and friendship.
Camberwell 15 wins to Mt Macedon’s 13 wins.

For more pictures of the Jolly Roger go here.
We started play around 10:00 a.m. after
welcoming our visitors and enjoying a catch
up over a cuppa. Mt Macedon was in front
by a few games after 2 rounds when we
broke for a lunch of soup, sandwiches and a
variety of goodies.

When the bell rang at the end of round 4
Camberwell had 14 wins to Mt Macedon 13,
with only one last game score due in, that
game was 10/10 so it all hinged on the last
end. I don't think the guys were aware of
the scores so there was no pressure.
Richard Tarlinton (R) gladly
accepts the Jolly Roger Trophy
from Lindsay Kinghorn.
May. The weather was fine, the company
was exceptionally friendly and the contest
hard fought.
members of the petanque community, it has
been necessary to make a small change to this
web site.
•  New Video Page.
•  PFA National Calendar
•  CPC Open Doubles Flyer
•  Images of 2014 AIDO Champ.
•  Link to VPCI web site.
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