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Camberwell Petanque Club
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Life’s near a beach!

The Apollo Bay Petanque Club is not as new to the sport as it is being a
member of the Australian Petanque Federation and the Victorian Petanque
League. As such, the Apollo Bay PC held its inaugural 2-day event, the Open
Triples Competition, at a carpark situated on the foreshore in the town.

Amongst the 19 teams, comprising of 56
players (included a doubles team) there
were seven members from Camberwell. By
the end of the first day Patrick Hamon and
his team made it into the top eight and
Howard Brown’s and Kevin Diggens’ team
drafted into the Conviviale.

By the end of the second day, great joy
was to be had by Patrick, Virginie & Rob as they claimed first place in the
Principale. Of the second eight Howard, Sandra and Baard progressed to claim
second place in the Conviviale.
Not so Jolly Roger

Camberwell lost the Jolly Roger Trophy to Mt.Macedon PC this year, there I’ve
said it . . . and only by three games! Was it the home ground advantage, the
tribal ritual performed after lunch or the unfurling of the pirate flag?

The consensus amongst the Camberwell
players is that the food offered up during
the lunch break was far too deleterious for
our own good. Chicken, sausages, salads
and desserts consisting of cakes, biscuits
and muffins caused us to waddle back onto
the terrain unable to make headway against
the oncoming storm that was the second
half of the day.
Secretay's Report
April 2015
by Sue Gray

Changing over to Saturday's
Social Play
The change over from daylight
saving to EST is happening over the Easter
Weekend, so CPC will start Saturday's Social
Play on 4th April and will continue playing on
Saturdays through to and including the first
Saturday in December.

Effectively these changes give members eight
months of Saturday afternoon play and four
months of Friday evenings. The Committee has
made these changes  to accommodate the
majority of members’ preferences regarding
social playing times.
You have to give it to them. For a small club of only eight members it had put
together a pared down first tournament that was enjoyed by all those
competing. Photographs of what went on can be seen here and the results

The locals play regularly on Friday afternoons at 4pm - either at the Youth
Hostel (5 Pasco Street) or on the foreshore behind the carpark between the
Surf Lifesaving Club and the Information Centre off the main road. Check out
the ABPC website -
Victoria's Junior Squad Fundraiser
CPC raised $526.00 for Victoria's Junior Squad
by turning its Mixed Doubles Tournament in
early February into a fundraiser. Having fun
was the emphasis of the day and it was
wonderful to see the junior players, partnered
by either their parents or coaches, take out
the top prizes. Well done everyone!

Mt. Macedon wins the Jolly Roger
16 Camberwell members travelled to Gisborne
on a beautiful sunny day in early March for the
annual Jolly Roger Challenge. Congratulations
(albeit begrudgingly) must go to Mt. Macedon
PC who won 13 games to Camberwell's 11.

The competition was fierce but good natured,
games scores were even after two rounds,
then Mt. Macedon members turned on their
renowned country hospitality. Camberwellians
fell behind after lunch, some reckon they were
nobbled by too much of a good thing. A great
day was had by all!
Premiers Active April
This is a Victorian Government initiative to
encourage people of all ages to become more

The City of Boroondara is promoting this by
asking sporting clubs in the community to
welcome anyone wanting to take part, to join
them at the many and varied sporting venues
in Boroondara. CPC has committed to three
Saturdays in April, 11th, 18th and 25th.

All we have to do is make welcome and
encourage anyone wanting to try petanque.
Any new comers can join in our usual social
games. We will need to teach and help them,
which is what we always do anyway.

'Active April' will be promoted on the council's
website. -
The only consolation is that prizes were handed out to the best players on
both sides and that we have the advantage next year! Congrats, to MMPC for
their skill and their warm welcome.

The forensic photography can be seen here
St. Andrews opens new pistes.

If you travel down to the very end of the Mornington Peninsula Freeway and
then continue heading in a south-westerly direction, not only will you end up
in the ocean but also at the St. Andrews Beach Petanque Club. This was
initially a small club that due to recent growth in membership and aspirations
has needed to expand its terrain from 5 to 14 pistes. It has taken them three
years to complete and in doing so they wanted to share their success with
other players on Saturday the 28th March 2015.

Present by means of invitation included representatives from Portsea,
Mornington Peninsula, Woodend-Hanging Rock, Longbeach and Camberwell.
What started as a dull morning, weather wise that is, turned into a brilliant
blue sky day as the games got under way. By four o'clock it was all over and
everyone lumbered off home, having spent a short but enjoyable time as
guests of the St. Andrews Beach Petanque Club.

If you want to see their achievement for yourself, the next event will be a
mixed triples tournament on the 12th April 2015. Check for
details or to pre-register.

To view a photographic record of the day, go here.
The day started with morning tea and
chatter while being musically entertained
by the Southern Peninsula Ukulele Band
after which Graeme McIntyre, the current
president, thanked all the supporters of
the project. This was followed by the
President of the St. Andrews Recreation
Centre, Ann Lee, officially opening the new
terrain by cutting a tri-coloured ribbon.

All the formalities over, it was time to bruise
the pistes with a couple of game. With 36
players the format was short and simple -
three games of random doubles to 13 points
or one hour, with a break for lunch.