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Larking Around the Piste amid Birdsong
By Sandra Brown

What a great day we had on Sunday, 17 April, for our club's 2016 Mixed Doubles' Tournament at Lynden Park, warm and sunny with just a light breeze, our abundant birdlife providing a background chorus.
Our response to the recent bombing of Brussels and events in France.
A busy day on the Petanque Calendar saw the S-E Region Cup held at St. Andrew's Beach and the N-E Region Cup held at Gisborne take place on the same day.

We welcomed twenty four teams, drawn from St. Kilda, Dove, Weird, Hanging Rock, Long Beach and our own members, who participated in our event.
Our Club’s most successful were John and
Narelle Cook, 3rd in the Principale, followed
into 4th position by Ben Nicholson and Gloria
Wales.  In the Consolante Peter Barker and
Chris Butler were 3rd.  Antoine and Nicole
Buffet were 3rd in The Conviviale.

Click here for full results and here for the pics.

John Ross, wearing his fetching Chef's hat and
only some six weeks out from a knee
replacement, and Karen Riley manned the
barbecue.  Alma Claiborne attended to
tournament registrations and payment as well
as manning the kitchen at the beginning of the day.  Irene Scott and Sue Miller-Randle took over, joined later by Guy Mercier’s partner, Marianne Harris and her Sons, Sean and Campbell.  Jean Paul Ernst attended to the draw and scoring after each round. Sue Gray and Guy Mercier acted as Umpires.

We thank these good people for their efforts in hosting a successful day for all our visiting teams.  ⛔
Saturday Winners for 2016

Here are the players who received prizes for being excellent on a Saturday afternoon.
~ 30 April 2016 ~
Howard, Hugh, Sandra, Thuy & Myriam.
~ 23 April 2016 ~
Baard, Ron, Nicole, Myriam & Gloria.
~ 7 May 2016 ~
Sue, Thuy, Trish, Keven, Narelle & Antoine.
~ 15 May 2016 ~
Keven, Sue, Gloria & (abs) John W.

Sue Gray was Best Lady on the day for Camberwell, with Chris Butler 2nd.
Jean-Paul Ernst was Best Man for Camberwell, with Ben Nicholson 2nd.
Best Man for Mt. Macedon was Adrian Metheringham, with Peter Curtis 2nd.
Best Lady for Mt. Macedon was Audrey Baillie, with Sharon Chadwick 2nd.

Zac Nicholson and Harry Cameron, are aged 12 & 10 respectively are Junior Members of our club, together with Mandy Bernhard who is our newest member and received her PFA playing licence on the day, enjoyed their first Interclub Challenge.  Our Umpires were Sue Gray and Danny Green.

Sue Gray and Alma Claiborne made pumpkin and pea and ham soup (perfect for the cold day, as it turned out) and Beverley, Trish, Sandra and Narelle made sandwiches.  Our guests arrived with delicious sweet treats.  Chris Butler was co-ordinating the catering.

Many thanks, to all who contributed to the lunch spread and all the other tasks.  It was a great day of Petanque and a First Class lunch. 

More pictures to follow soon!  ⛔
Cold and Rainy, but Warm and Friendly
By Sandra Brown

A cold, grey morning on Saturday, 28 May, together with a "welcoming" downpour for most of the first match, did not dampen spirits for the 2016 Annual Jolly Roger Challenge between our Club and the Mt. Macedon Petanque Club.  The clubs alternate hosting the event.

Starting at 10.00am, we played two games, and then enjoyed hot soup and sandwiches, together with sweet and savoury treats, in our warm and comfortable clubhouse.  After lunch, two additional games were played.
During the first match, a dog being taken for a walk in the park broke away from his owner and dashed in through our gate, running and frolicking across numerous pistes, halting play.  Rocky, a noted absentee, would have swiftly delivered the canine equivalent of a Red Card had he been present.
We wrestled the trophy back from Mt. Macedon, where we were well beaten last year.   They were most gracious in defeat, although Lindsay Kinghorn did speak of rallying his troops for the next Challenge, in rather an ominous tone.

Therefore, the Jolly Roger trophy plus the Jolly Roger Pirates' Flag is ours to defend when next we meet our good friends from Mt. Macedon club.
Camberwell Petanque Club
If it's not onpisteup then it's not on!
CPC All Over the 60+ Mixed Doubles Results
By JP Ernst

There were 26 entants in the 60 plus Mixed Doubles Tournament held at Camberwell, Caulfied and Dove over three days.

Of those 26, CPC members made about half the players and so there was a good chance of taking a great deal of the booty home.

The results can be seen here.  ⛔
~ 11 June 2016 ~
Guy & Gloria.
~ 28 June 2016 ~
David, Chris, Sue & Guy.
~ 8 July 2016 ~
A pack of drongos!!
~ 16 July 2016 ~
Mary, Keven & Trish.