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The 2014 Australian Transplant Games
By Sandra Brown

The 2014 Australian Transplant Games were held in the sporting capital of the
world. . . Melbourne!

Camberwell Petanque Club hosted the Transplant Games Petanque Singles
event on Saturday, 4 October, and we offered a big welcome and our support
to all participants and wished them “Happy Petanqueing”.

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Secretary's Report 
November 2014  By Sue Gray

With the year drawing to a
close at CPC our attentions
are now focused on throwing
a great Christmas party.
This is our way of thanking
members for their help and
support throughout the year
and if it's as good as last
year's party we will be well pleased.

We have a great club with a growing member-
ship. Your new committee stands ready to
work together in maintaining the friendly
welcoming reputation that CPC is renowned for
in its promotion of social and competitive
Date Change for Camberwell Mixed
The 1st tournament in 2015 is the Camberwell
Mixed Doubles, please note the date has been
changed. It is to be held on Saturday 7th
February, starting around midday. A flyer will
be posted early in the new year, here as well
as on VPC's website.

Please keep yourselves informed.
Information is at your fingertips and we
encourage all members to regularly check the
two most informative petanque websites, our
very own and VPCI's website which has the
most up to date calendar with flyers attached.
So please keep yourselves informed and save
me from having to send out so many emails.

End of year party.
Looking forward to seeing you at the Christmas
party on Friday 5th December as well as on the
pistes for plenty of friendly competitive
pétanque in 2015.
So Who's Been a Naughty
Boy Then?  By JP Ernst

It seems that not all has been well when it
comes to the behaviour of some of the players
on the piste and when it comes to the proper
use of the circle.  Hence the Pétanque
Federation of Australia Umpire Commission
(PFAUC) has seen fit to issue two notices to all
PFAUC approved umpires to beef up their
vigilance of those who repeatedly flout the
rules at all future events. So be warned!

It dosen't hurt to brush up on the rules even if
you are an angel on the piste.

To read the notices select one of the
documents below. 
Camberwell, Beautiful one Day, Perfect the
By Sandra Brown

Our Club’s Annual Open Triples’ Champion-
ship took place on Sunday, 9th November.
Early cloud cover lifted to reveal a glorious
sunny day, with a light breeze, the trees
to the West in several shades of green
profiled against the azure sky.

A small field of eight teams had an enjoy-
able day with spirited competition. With
the exception of one team comprising
Rod Deakin, Geoff Shaw and Kerrie
Maddern from Long Beach, all others were
Camberwellians. Peter Mangan and Guy
Mercier acted as Umpires.

Alma Claiborne managed the needs
of everyone in the kitchen and
Colin and Helen McNamara cooked
the BBQ sausages and onions. We
are lucky to have generous
members who put their hand up for
these duties.

Congratulations to Antoine & Nicole
Buffet who, together with Trish
Ritman, were the winning team.
Peter accepts his gift.
First place winners.
Nicole, Antoine & Trish
The official results can be found here and the photographs here.
The Futures Looking Bright for Australian
Petanque  By Andre Deramond

I like to congratulate on behalf of
PFA our PFA/Vic coaches Stephane
Langlois and Guy Bahler for their
great contribution during the ISC

Stephane and Guy spent their
weekend coaching our PFA Youth
squad with great success.

The face of the Future of Petanque
in Australia (right) and the Victorian
team (below).

The PFA Youth squad uniforms were sponsored by and paid for by
- La Parisienne Pates - Muriel Langlois
- Eastern roofing - Eric Leconte
- PFA Board

Please assist all your young players in your state, we have a fabulous group
of 25 to 30 youngsters of great quality.
PFA Youth Squad.