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Secretary's Report
September 2015
by Sue Gray
Pétanque relaunches campaign to get Olympic
recognition from the Guardian UK

Kim Wilsher in Paris - 29 July 2015.

Sport’s world confederation throws a boule into the Olympic rings, hoping to be
included in 2024 summer games, which Paris is bidding to host.

Now, pétanque are
relaunchng the campaign
to have the game
recognised as an Olympic
sport and included in the
2024 summer games,
which Paris is bidding to

Claude Azéma, president
of the Confédération
Mondiale des Sports
de Boules that is leading
the latest Olympic bid, told the Guardian: “We are reasonably optimistic. For a
new sport to be included, another one either has to go or the number of teams
taking part in an existing sport has to be reduced.

“It’s not about excluding any sports, it’s about being inclusive. We just want
some, like masculine football that has a World Cup, to field fewer teams and
make room for us.

Azéma said the sport had an estimated 30 million players worldwide, of whom
about 1 million belong to one of the 272 national federations that exist in 162

In the organisation’s pamphlet, Azéma writes: “The sport promotes the
gathering of men and women regardless of their age, origin, roots, religion or
social and professional background. It is a socially unifying and health-
promoting leisure sport that deserves to be given Olympic status.”

Full story on the Guardian website.   More at the CMSB website.

Back (Left) Thuy, Sandra, Adeline, Julie, Jean-Francois, #, Lindsay, Alison.
Front (Left) Sasha, Clifford, Peter, Stephane. (#) Name withheld by request.
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful.
by Sandra Brown

Our Club’s Annual Doubles Championship for 2015 was held on Sunday, 23rd

Our venue at Lynden Park was picture postcard perfect for pitchers of the
pétanque puck (boule). In addition, the players came in numbers, emerging
from their winter cocoons to immerse themselves in a beautiful day, which
heralded the arrival of spring, still officially nine days away.

An early start in crisp morning air turned into a day bathed in sunshine. After a
particularly cold winter, it felt for-all-the-world like a pagan fertility festival
celebrating the Rites of Spring.

We hosted twenty-five teams with many fine players providing spirited com-
petition. We thank those players from other clubs who supported our event by
participating; they came from St. Kilda, Caulfield, Weird, Longbeach, Gisborne
and St. Andrews Beach clubs.

Prizes were awarded to the top six in ranking. Congratulations to those teams
pictured below. See the complete results here.

Peter Barker acted as Tournament Director and Andre Deramond from Caulfield
was the Umpire.

The smell of barbequed sausages and onions drifted over the pistes towards
lunchtime, thanks to chefs Karen Riley, John Ross and Charles Hepenstall.

We thank all of these good people for their contribution.

Camberwell's best ranked were team "Thuy and Me", Thuy Nguyen and Sandra
Brown, who came Fourth, losing only one game 13/11.

Alma Claiborne managed treasurer’s duties and the kitchen. She was assisted
in the kitchen by Helen Dubberley.

Local hero, JP, as usual attended to many things in preparation for the
tournament and managed the scoring throughout the event. [He wishes to
thank Antoine & Nicole B., Thuy N., Peter B., Sandra & Howard B., John W. and
others for their assistance.]

Petanque is on the rise
in Victoria.

The Game of Petanque is being enjoyed by more
and more people in Victoria with now 22 PFA
affiliated petanque clubs scattered throughout
the state. I think it’s fair to say that the
majority of clubs play for the fun and the social
aspect of the sport. We at CPC have a good
mix of the strictly social player and the more
serious competitive player happy to play in

One of the advantages with petanque is, it’s
totally up to the individual player as to the level
of participation one wishes to have. Mind you
theory has it, the more you play and practice
the more your game will improve, however the
most important thing is to enjoy playing the
Spring is finally in the air.

Winter this year has been particularly long and
cold, even so it's been pleasing to see our
Saturday socials games being generally well
attended by a very hardy, hearty band of
petanquers. For those of you who like to play in
tournaments, with the coming of spring, the
Victorian Calendar offers you plenty of choices.

Saturday Social Play

Please note this year Saturday Social games will
continue through to 5th December. Daylight
saving begins on 4th October, but we will not
be changing over to Friday Twilight games until
11th Dec.

Plenty of activity set for CPC in October as we
have an Open Triples Tournament on Sunday
4th October plus we are hosting the Victorian
Championships Triples on Sunday 23rd October.

New Shades to be in place before Summer.

The old shades at the southern end of the
pistes are soon to be replaced by a newer and
more practical structure, all in good time for the
hotter months to come.

John-Paul stands down from the committee.

At our AGM held in early August, sadly we
farewelled John-Paul Ernst from the committee,
he has been an incredibly hard working
committee member and an inspiration to us all.
J-P will still be around doing what he does best
and will also continue as our website manager. I
personally wish to thank J-P for all he has done
for this club, without him our club would not be
the great club that it is today.
Welcome Keven Diggens to CPCI

Keven is a welcome
addition to the committee,
his nomination was well
received, especially by
Alma Claiborne as Keven
plans to take over as
Treasurer in early 2016,
finally freeing her from
the role she undertook
on a temporary basis.

These changes in the structure of the
committee are the most noteworthy things to
happen, in what was otherwise a fairly
uneventful AGM. Our committee members are all
hard working hands-on people and as a result
Camberwell Petanque Club is in good shape.

Thanks to all who readily pitched in with little
direction and then helped to pack up at the end
of the day.

Our Club President however, gave up her spot on
a team to serve behind the counter. A sacrifice
probably lost on many. Terry was heard to mutter
- ‘It’s a real bugger, you know’. The resident
Scottish laird (Ronnie) rolled up to “do the snags”
in his very chef-like manner. 

Sylvio Grancourt was referee for the day and
made a point of laying down the law on the use of
foul language before the formalities began. By
sessions’ end, Sylvio was grinning “ear to ear”
because he had ‘really enjoyed the day’.
October is Open Triples for CPCI by JP

October is a busy month at CPCI for all kinds of reasons, and what a way to
start by having 20 team compete at the Open Triples on October 4.

The later than usual starting time of 10:00 am meant that the outer suburban
and regional teams of Pyrenees, Smythesdale, Nagambie and Longbeach were
able to participate. All of us at Camberwell continue to appreciate their
enthusiasm for the game!

Although we locals did not have to make such an arduous journey, it was still
a challenge to arrive early to set the venue in order.

With the majority coming to have fun and enjoy the efforts of fellow players, a
few arrived to win the day or at least to settle a score to two. In using the
fBHM system, mindless ambition is futile. A high level of consistency in
performance is what will make a winning team.

The announcement of the results came as a surprise. The fifth and final round
knocked a good number of teams about, thus altering perceived realities.
There was great news for the first place team of Roy, David and Dave from
Smythesdale. The best that Camberwell players could do was fourth and sixth

The Club President awarded prizes to the top six teams and Harry Cameron,
CPCs youngest member, who teamed up with Grandparents Sandra and
Howard Brown.

The full results are here along with and the pictures here for your perusal.
eMeasure for Andriod

Obut has released its' smart
phone measuring app in English.

It is available for free on the
Google Apps site.

In addition to the prizes for those teams that would find themselves in the top
five, there was the possibility to win other prizes. A raffle ticket came with
each player’s registration and then there was the opportunity to donate to the
Junior Petanque Team heading to Bangkok later in the year. Three raffle books
worth had gone at $5 for six tickets.
Gisborne, when it’s hot . . . otherwise it’s wet!

Once again, Camberwell packed up its old kit bag and headed to Gisborne for
Mt.Macedon’s annual Open Triples Compétition.

Of the sixty-nine, players that fronted up for a five-round battle, seventeen
players and two supporters were Camberwell, with some of the remainder
being from as far off as Longbeach and Bendigo.
Never the less, the day
progressed as usual, the
clinking of boules along with
the downing of the wonderful
sandwiches and cakes
provided by the local members.

Lunchtime was a quiet affair
as all were focused on the
three varieties of sausages
available from the bbq.

Weather-wise, the morning
started as being fresh, then
warm followed by a short
sharp bucketing! Some of the
pistes were reduced in size by
half whilst others developed
lakes of different sizes or
disappeared altogether.

By the end of the day, Guy
Mericer and Gloria Wales had
found themselves (and their
respective team members)
wet and in the top five. Sadly, the rest of us were also wet and spread all
over the result sheet like sheep, as is evidenced here. The pictures are found
here for your pleasure.

A good day for ducks and those not too concerned about the final results.
If like me you had not
succumbed to purchasing
a new street directory
since 2011, then map 60
reference F4 still showed
that the Burwood District
Ladies Bowling Club are at
Lynden Park. So finally,
after purchasing the 2016 edition of Melway
and checking out the latest updates, I was
pleasently surprised to find that map 60/F4 had
identified 64A Through Road as the Lynden
Park Recreation Facility.
Melway with us by JP

Google Maps identifies the location as the
Camberwell Petanque Club, which in the
strictest of terms it's not, as three other
organisations also meet at the same address
(BMWvic, V.C.C.A.vic and Boroondara Girl

Looking elsewhere amoung the pages of the
new 2016 Melway, CPC appears in the Index of
Clubs - “Others” on page 1198.
Getting serious about 2024

The Bowls Sports World Confederation (CMSB) 
is campaigning on behalf of three disciplines -
the French petanque, the Boule Lyonnaise and
the Raffa, a version of the games popular in
Italy, to be included in the 2024 Summer
Olympic Games. The CMSB has been recognized
by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)
since 1985 and under new IOC rules can bid for
a spot on future Olympic programs if it is
recommended by the organizing committee for
those Games.

Though it won’t be decided for two years,
Budapest, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Paris and
Rome are under consideration to host the 2024
edition of the Olympic Games.

The CMSB launched the aggressive campaign at
Sportel in Monaco Monday where its
headquarters are also located. The early
campaigning means that the sport may have to
wait several years to learn its fate - the host
city for the Games will not be elected until
September 2017 then several months will pass
before that city organizes a length selection
process for interested sports.

New sports for the Tokyo 2020 Games are
currently campaigning to confirm their spots on
the program.  Baseball and softball, karate,
roller sports, sport climbing and surfing have
been recommended by the Tokyo 2020 Olympic
Organizing Committee but they’ll have to wait
for an IOC vote in Rio next summer to learn if
they will be staged at the Games.

The CMSB is now active on Facebook and
Twitter, and have launched a new Website at

The campaign video can be seen here by
clicking on the link.
If it's not onpisteup then it's not on!
Camberwell Petanque Club
Triple Treating at Lynden Park by Sandra Brown

Camberwell Petanque Club welcomed a talented field of players to our Lynden
Park pistes on Sunday, 25th October, as we hosted the 2015 Men’s and
Women’s Victorian Triples Championships.

The tournament was held under the
auspices of Victorian Petanque Clubs  Inc.
and their Officers attended to all aspects
of the day’s play, Peter Wells undertaking
all the scoring and draws for each round.

Camberwellians staffed the kitchen and
the BBQ on the day. Thanks to Chris
Butler, Irene Scott and Sue Miller-Randle,
plus John Ross, David Garnham and John Whelen respectively. Thanks also to
all who gave a hand in piste preparation.

On the day, our most successful Camberwellians in the Men’s competition were
Antoine Buffet and Christian Draschler, who teamed with Andre Deramond
(Caulfield) to take 4th place, followed into 5th place by Howard Brown, Peter
Mangan and Ben Nicholson.

In the Women’s event, our most successful was Nicole Buffet, who teamed
with Pierette Mayor (Dove) and Danielle Bommarito (St. Kilda) to take 2nd
place, followed into 3rd place by Sue Gray and Sandra Brown, who teamed with
Di Yeomans (Caulfield).

Congratulations to all the medal recipients and, indeed, all those taking part in
the tournament. A special thanks to the umpires, Danny Greene and Lindsay

Click here for the photos and here for the results.
Rules on your Phone

When you need to check the
rules on the piste, refer to you
mobile phone with this handy
app that is available for
Androids on Google Play.
Electronic Scores

Keeping the scores for an
entire tournament is now made
easy with the Petanque
Scoreboard on Google Play.
Click on image for the text.